AKO I.P. Party List

What is AKO I.P.

Platform or Program of Government
Ang Koalisyon ng Idigenous People

  1. Quality Education is the key to a better life for the Indigenous People.

    Thus, we aim to establish the Universidad ng Katutubong Pilipino (UKP for short) where the IPs will receive quality college education from well-trained and well-paid college professors without being discriminated or worse, bullied.

    Sciences, technology and modern agriculture shall be the priority areas to be taught at UKP.

  2. Basic Computer Knowledge Centers shall be put up in each of the barangays of the 6 component province plus Baguio compromising the Cordillera Region.

    IPs whether young or old should discover the world through Internet’s Google Search, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Email, Microsoft Word, Zoom, Video Chat and many more things available in the Internet.

    Napag iiwanan ang mga IPs sa larangan ng Basic Computer Knowledge. We shall coordinate with Globe and Smart so that the remotest barangays can have access to Internet.

  3. Environmental Protection shall be pursued by monitoring that mining companies in Cordillera adhere to DENR’s rules and regulations steadfastly. If the mining companies have to cut trees to explore mineral resources, they have to ensure that they replace the cut trees with new planting of trees 5x what they have cut.

    Denuded mountains have to be reforested massively. The help of Senior High School and College students will be tapped to help in the reforestation of the Cordillera ranges.

  4. Responsible tourism means luring our own countrymen and foreigners to visit amazing places in Cordillera such as Mt. Pulag, Sagada in Mt. Province, Baguio’s Camp John Hay and the Philippine Military Academy, Tineg waterfalls in Abra, Strawberry Farm of La Trinidad, Benguet, Rice Terraces of Ifugao, the Apayao grazing lands, rough and adventurous waters of Kalinga River and many more beautiful tourist sites in Cordillera.

    without scaterring plastic wastes, vandalizing the sites, stealing souvenirs from the tourist sites and disrespecting our cultural integrity.

  5. Alternative livelihood projects such as, among others:
    • increasing production of native garments and products for export to world,
    • increasing coffee plantations and production,
    • modernizing goat-raising in so many ideal grazing lands and hills of Cordillera to sell more to the world’s halal demand,
  6. Espousing the 4 Bundles of Rights under the IPRA Law:
    • Rights to Ancestral Domains
    • Rights to Self-Governance and Empowerment
    • Rights to Social Justice and Human Rights
    • Rights to Cultural Integrity